Stand-by generators

Provide security and comfort for your family in the event of a utility failure. They can maintain indoor climate, provide light,keep medical equipment functioning, food from spoiling and allow families to function. Call on Clark Gas & Oil and we will bring a licensed, insured and factory trained electrician with stand-by generator systems expertise to your home or business and provide a turn key estimate for free.

No matter where you purchased your generator, Clark Gas & Oil recommends having a service agreement or maintenance plan in force to ensure your investment works when it is needed to perform.

Air cooled units require less maintenance than their larger, designed for extended use liquid cooled genset. Both have batteries that generally last three +/- years, engine oil & oil and air filters that need to be changed annually depending on its run time. We also found it most important to set the weekly exerciserwhen someone can hear it or notice it running. Please refer to your owners manual for proper routine exercises.If you do not hear it operating at your desired time, call your generator service company to schedule a service call.

Please help us, help you by....

Contacting Clark Gas & Oil when the generator has been operating. We really have no way of knowing when the generator has been activiated, how much fuel is being consumed, or the percentage of fuel in the tank. That will greatly assist us when the roads are cleared and we resume our deliveries to work your home or business on a scheduled route.