Safety Tips

Propane: Do not tamper with your gas supply lines, any safety devices, regulators, or storage tank fittings. Never attempt to repair any gas appliance yourself. Know where your main gas shutoff valve is located. Do not place any flammable and combustible materials near any open flames that originate from your appliance. (examples: paper, clothing, wood, gasoline, and solvents) Do not store propane cylinders or containers inside any enclosed buliding. Never assume a propane smell is because your tank is empty. If an odor is persistant you could have a serious leak.

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Oil Heat Safety: Have your furnace checked and cleaned regularly by a qualified repair person. Don't hit the reset button on your furnace more than once. You could flood your system with oil, which can cause a dangerous condition in your furnace. Be sure to check you're above ground or underground oil storage tanks regularly for leaks and dings. Make sure your chimney is in good condition, this is a major part of your system. Have it checked at least once every couple of years to be sure the chimney is free from obstructions. If your chimney is in bad shape you may consider a new lining.

Do not attempt to service your system if you have never been trained to repair a system, you could harm yourself or destroy your system.