Why You Should Heat Your Garage

There are many reasons to keep your garage heated:

You can reduce car engine wear and tear caused by cold starts.Your outdoor plants and pets can survive winter storms while you maintain a clean & orderly home. Keep your children warm while transferring from home to car Avoid having to let your car idle to warm up:

  • $$$$$ - Reduces fuel usage $$$$$
  • Reduces risk of carbon monoxide build-up in garage and home
  • Maintain your garage either at comfortable working/living temperature or just above freezing
  • Store paint and other chemcials safetly without threat of freezing

Let us help you keep your garage warm!

Wondering about the difference between vented/ventless or vent free / direct vent heaters? If so, click here. You can check out our large infrared heaters or give us a call to find out about heating your garage.