Gas Hearth Products

Spoil Yourself by Heating with a Gas Heater or Gas Hearth Product! Cozy up to a warm fire on a dreary, frigid day without worrying with the damper, kindling, or the mess to cleanup afterwards. If you ever contemplated replacing your wood stove, insert, or ever get tired of lugging in wood and cleaning out the ashes, a propane gas appliance is your solution. A set of gas logs or an insert will maximize your existing wood burning fireplace. A freestanding stove can easily replace your wood stove without any love loss. With a flip of a switch you can knock the chill off a brisk morning or enjoy the warmth all winter long much easier than trying to build a small fire and still being overwhelmed by its intensity on a mild winter day.

You can easily control the heat output of your heater or hearth product. The heating products we offer generally come with two distinct heat controls.

  • Thermostat on the unit - controls the heat and/or flames - most function without electricity.
  • Remote ready controls - come with a basic on/off switch and manual flame/heat controls. However, the appliance may be equipped with a wall thermostat or even a remote control for maximum convenience in maintaining comfortable temperature. This flexibility is especially recommended for those homes that have a loft or open cathedral ceiling design.
  • Modern day gas Heating Equipment is clean, efficient, hassle free, and user friendly and most importantly safe to operate. Most equipment will function even without electrical power, giving you peace of mind even during a bad ice storm.
  • Whether you want to zone heat a sitting room, a recently finished basement, or an entire home, Clark Gas & Oil handles many brands, sizes, styles, and venting methods to meet your needs.
  • Gas heating equipment can practically go anywhere in your home or business. You don't even need a conventional masonry chimney or vent. The increasingly popular vent free models are almost effortless to install with few restrictions. Many of the efficient vented models only require proximity to an outside wall or obtainable access to the roof. Costs of vent pipe and its installation are minimal. So, if you have been wanting a fireplace or stove in your den, kitchen, basement or even bedroom, call on us, we can make it happen.