We have several different concepts available for viewing. The Stuart display features an 8" overhung bar that will seat up to 3 adults. We can change dimensions, layout, or color to suit to your needs. There are 5 different colors available. The concrete base is color fast with 2 styles of imported marble countertops to choose from (grey or brown). Both modular islands have an area that will be custom fitted for the built-in grill of your choice.

Stainless Steel appliances such as refrigerators, side burners, storage shelves and drawers, and access doors are also available. These appliances can be connected to your home fuel tank, or they can be hooked up to traditional BBQ grill cylinders. You can add electrical outlets for your blender, rotisserie, or even decorative lights. You can also include a hole in the base for your umbrella to add shade!

The Floyd display features outdoor cabinets that can be finished in any type of medium (tile, stucco, cultured stone, or real stone). We have also placed a working stainless steel sink with the sprayer. This will help with food prep and hygiene to keep you from having to continuously go inside and wash your hands.