Large Infrared Heaters

Like television and radar signals, infrared radient energy is part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. These heaters generate their infrared energy by the combustion of propane. The electromagnetic energy released by combustion is converted to heat only when the infrared radiation is absorbed by solild objects in its path. Hence, infrared heaters warm people and heat floors, machinery, and other surfaces without heating the ambient air. Its heat may be compared to radiant heat from a wood stove or being out in the the direct sunlight on a hot summer's day.

Infrared heaters may be strategically positioned to eliminate costly high ceiling losses and the discomforts of cold air stratification especially encountered in garages / workplaces that are constantly using their doors (much air turnover) in the winter time.

Low Intensity/Indirect Heaters offer more heat coverage area, are vented, and require electricity to operate its ignition and an exhaust blower. Programmable set back thermostats offer additional operational savings.

High Intensity Heaters are ideal for spot heating areas of the workplace that are "hard-to-heat" locations. Some models function without electricity and can be controlled thermostatically. These models are typicallyted larger BTU sized, and multiple unit applications require the building to have adequate ventilation.