Mantis Heaters

Super efficient, flexible hearth product - the original alternative energy. It can be a fireplace, fireplace insert or free standing stove and even humidifies as it heats.

Mantis Outperforms Pellet
At 93% AFUE, the Mantis outperforms every gas stove, pellet stove, wood stove, and oil stove on our showroom floor. Installation is fast and at a final cost that rivals any pellet stove.

With a flue temperature of just 120 degrees F - the Mantis emits fewer greenhouse gases than any conventional stove, making the first truly "green" hearth product.

Pellet Stove
Efficiency (AFUE)
Pellet Stoves boast 80% Steady State which translates to about 70% AFUE
70 to 73%
Fuel Savings for One Cold Winter
4-in Stainless Steel Through Roof
1 1/2-in PVC up, down. out, or a combination through wall, roof, or foundation
Automatic Humidification

*Savings based on heating a mid-size house in the northern U.S. during a cold winter with Mantis burning Natural Gas vs. Pellet Stove (rounded to 100-million Btu output for ease of comparison).

Empire Comfort - Mantis Heaters

Versatile Installation

With the power-vented exhaust and intake made from PVC, the venting options are numerous. Venting can run in any direction - even down and out through a basement or crawl space.

Install the Mantis as a direct-vent co-axial system, as a direct-vent co-linear, or as a single-vent system. Using PVC for venting significantly reduces installation time, and requires cutting a much smaller opening in the home's exterior than is required for conventional metal venting.

All of the venting applications shown may be used with any Mantis Package.

Zero-Clearance Fireplace

Mantis installed with optional co-axial direct-venting along any outside wall (up to 4 ft). Shown in an Empire cabinet mantel with integral base.
Fireplace Insert Package
Mantis installed as an insert in an existing wood-burning or vented gas fireplace, with co-linear direct-vent or single-vent vertical termination (up to 40 ft).
Freestanding Pedestal Stove

Mantis on a pedestal installed with co-linear direct-vent or single vent running downward and out to a horizontal termination (up to 40 ft).

The only condensing vented fireplace found in the U.S.A. that can be vented down and out using PVC pipe found commonly at the hardware store.